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International Trade and Investment View all. This category is characterized by transparent resistance to liberalization e. Other studies have shown that country-specific institutions, like the knowledge of foreign languages, for instance, are also important to promote foreign relative to domestic trade see Melitz Broadly speaking, the principle of comparative advantage postulates that all nations can gain from trade if each specializes in producing what they are relatively more efficient at producing, and import the rest: Interactive brokers options commission schedule state enterprises work hand-in-glove with selected agents, commodity market liberalization is incomplete. As we can see, the share of firms exporting to each of the corresponding neighbors is largest close to the border. The academic literature on agricultural market reform in Africa also ranks among the most divided within the field of economic development. Trade liberalization is associated with faster economic growth when accompanied by comprehensive domestic macroeconomic reforms. Such gains arise in a number of ways. So, at least from an efficiency point of view, you should specialize on what you are best at, and delegate the rest.

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Trade and Globalization

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Chapter Trade and economic reforms in Africa[]

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