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The Spectrum pelleted food and the frozen shrimp fed at least twice a day will help. The wife tells me that "trigger's like to play silly games. Is this normal or has he just not gotten his adult colors yet. I remember this species, Rhinecanthus rectangulus, fondly from my university days. So I sadly cleaned that disaster. Rock is arranged in two mounds with the center and sides open to allow plenty of water columns for swimming. Very small fish often pass away from ick infestations without the owner ever being aware of what the actual problem is. There are no kids or animals or human triggerfish studios work from home of any kind at this hour to prompt his iinet work from home program. These puffers will grow to over 10" and will need plenty of room.

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Job Bob here. That buyers will get 8" to 15" or more in some triggerfish studios work from home.

  • The Kole was shy too, but like all my other fish, got over it in a week or less.
  • New Bargains on Betsy Drake Interiors Coastal Trigger Fish Hand Towel (Set of 2) GT
  • Trigger Fish, Tropical Fish, 18" x 24" Door Mat, Floor Mat, Home Decor

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  3. I think if it was me I would put him in quarantine for four weeks with the salinity lowered to a treatment level just to be on the safe side if he starts scratching again.

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