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Right through the forties and the fifties and until the early sixties, a good proportion of the holdings of Government securities were concentrated with individual investors; available statistics indicate that more than half of the holdings in Government securities were concentrated with retail investors in the early 50s. Fluctuating interest rates are part of a country's monetary policy and bond market volatility is forex spirituality response to expected monetary policy and economic changes. In most cases, debt securities, on the whole, are safer investments than equity securities. FID No. The Fixed Income Securities Market, also known as the debt market or the bond forex spirituality, is easily the largest of all the financial markets in the world today in terms of market capitalisation. Government papers were traded actively at BSE however wholesale debt market segment for government securities for institutional investors was further introduced by BSE pursuant to following notifications issued by RBI. Today, there exists an inherent need for households to diversify their investment portfolio so as to include various debt instruments, including Government securities. When an investor buys a corporate bond, he is essentially loaning the corporation money, and he has the right to be repaid the principal and interest on the bond.
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  • This happens, as the coupon payments are not discounted in the price, as is the case in the other non-govt.
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  • In contrast, when someone buys a stock from a corporation, he essentially buys a piece of the company.
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Bond market - Wikipedia

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