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Grails helps handle and simplify list of rich internet application frameworks application lifecycle and provides the same convention over configuration principles to this process. Airtalkr is a chat client built with Adobe Air that connects to the APIs provided by different Instant Messaging platforms and presents all this information in an unified interface. Ebay Desktop provides a simple example by connecting to the eBay data API and retrieving information on demand based on query or filter parameters. Take a look at the eBay website http: Grails development, on the other hand, picks one spot where your application defines it's main characteristics and uses a combination of code templates and script generation to take care of the rest. Vaadin Main article: On Ebay Desktop, for example, we see extensive use of tabs, and the search results are displayed in Adobe's Datagrid component, which allows for dynamic loading and reloading of data.

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RIA Characteristics

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